Porcelain Painting

Porcelain painting is an art most people do not think of when talking about the "fine arts". What most people don't know is that the history Of Porcelain Art Dates back to ancient China and it remains a popular symbol of beauty and power. The careful balancing of pigments and mixtures, the difficulty of application and individual skill that goes into the creation of each piece contributes to making Art on Porcelain one of the most diverse and desired art forms of all time. Visit Stella's galleries and check out her portfolio of work.

Stella Shilling - The Artist

Stella Shilling is a Porcelain artist with years of experience and a portfolio to match. She has produced fantastic paintings of fruit, flowers, landscapes and home-life scenes. Stella is a diverse artist, having experience painting on wine bottles, wine glasses, china tiles, porcelain crockery, lamps and fireplaces. For her mini biography, visit the "About Stella" page.

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